a sweater made from goldenrod yarn

i used the goldenrod yarn that i dyed (plus a stripe of some store bought orange ’cause i ran out!) to make a sweater for the bee. this is the Lottie Cardigan by Carrie Bostick Hoge. i really like its simple, cute style, though it may not be that practical for a maine winter, with the belly part being open and all.  i will admit that it was kind of boring to knit. i made the 4T size, which isn’t really too big like i was hoping, so this sweater might not make it through next winter. also, the neck opening is kind of huge, but it looks really cute with collared shirts and dresses.


can you tell that the bee picked out the rest of her outfit for this shoot?


i really like much of carrie’s patterns, and i especially loves that she too lives in maine! she designs for Quince & Co, among others, and I’m absolutely in love with this Imogen Tee (that model’s badass tattoo doesn’t hurt), the Camilla for big girlslittle girls, and tiny ones. she has a beautiful website, and i expect her blog to be hugely inspiring as it grows.


p.s. are you on ravelry? we should be friends!

2 responses to “a sweater made from goldenrod yarn

  1. Running out of yarn was a blessing in disguise. I simply adore the orange at the bottom. If you wouldn’t have said anything, I would’ve thought it was intentional!

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