reversible sweatshirt

i’m so excited to be sharing with y’all again! this sweatshirt was part of the bee’s halloween costume. the pattern is the reversible sweatshirt by kitschy coo. i really enjoyed the challenge of sewing this, though, admittedly, there was a lot of cursing. i chose a pink and red striped jersey for the outside, and a fuzzy yellow poly knit for the inside. i lined the inside of the pockets with the fuzzy yellow too, for cozy softness and warmth. it was meant to be worn with the yellow side out for her costume, and then with the pink side out, you know, like, forever. i would be awfully generous if i said she wore the pink side facing out more than three times. i don’t know why i care, except maybe that the yellow poly is kind of icky and i think it would be so much warmer on the inside. but it must be nice to walk around, rubbing your own soft belly!


this pattern was great – really well written with lots of pictures. i totally twisted the sleeves when i sewed them together, which probably makes no sense unless you’ve sewn a reversible sleeved thing with a zipper, which i hadn’t. when i tried to turn it right side out it was surreal. it twisted my brain. but otherwise, sewing went really smoothly and i’m super pleased with the outcome. this is one of those projects that make you feel like you could conquer the world after you’ve made it, you know?


the bee wanted to be a duck for halloween, and i spent weeks working on her costume, which, along with the sweatshirt, included wings, a cap with a bill and eyes, orange feet, and a yellow tutu. but the morning of she got a horrible cold (or the flu? how can you tell?), and we had to stay home and miss the festivities. i immediately (sadly) added all of her costume bits to her dress-up trunk. i was pretty bummed about putting so much effort into halloween, but i mostly didn’t want her to realize that she missed out on something fun. we did talk about wearing her costume into town when she felt better, but that never happened. and i never did get a picture of her in it. so here we are, taking iPhone pictures on the bathroom counter in our jammies!

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