carrot harvest

i didn’t even know how to prepare for hurricane sandy.  i was so anxious monday, mostly worrying about my friends and family close to where it would hit land, but also fretting over how to handle my first major storm in a rural area, caring for a two year old. i didn’t know what to do with myself…. so i picked all of our carrots and beets so they wouldn’t rot in the ground after all the rain.  it felt really good to be digging in the dirt again, and harvesting the fruits of all our hard work for so many months.  but it was probably a very silly thing to do at the time, standing out in the gusty wind and rain. regardless, i felt like i was doing something real for my family, with a purpose, instead of sitting around, wringing my hands.  i’m sure it was mostly psychological, and the act of just doing something made me feel better.  but if the power was out for long enough, if it got that bad, at least we’d have plenty of carrots to eat!

i know that i’m so very lucky that everyone i love is safe, and that i survived my first power outage with a toddler unscathed, (save a very painful eye-poking (mine) and someone getting splashed by filthy toilet water (also me)) and humbled.  anything i have to say is insignificant compared to what so many others are experiencing.  we are blessed and i am grateful.  and six and a half pounds of carrots richer.

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