happy belated halloween!

the bee was a bee for halloween, natch.

halloween is literally my favorite holiday, but since we’ve had a kid, it’s been really scaled down. i’ve made mister and i some pretty fun costumes in the past, spending weeks working on them, all for one raucous night.  and i loved it.  but somehow it all seems so daunting with an unenthusiastic child.  why spend ages making a costume that she may never let me put her in?  plus, we live in the country now.  there’s no trick-or-treating here.  i like to tell myself that i am just saving my energy for the years when she’s super excited about it.  maybe she’ll even be into theater, and i’ll get to do costumes and sets!

but what i really want to talk about is the hat…. this year i found a bee costume at the goodwill for a few dollars.  there was no hat, so i made one from a felted sweater that i also purchased at the goodwill.  i think there’s definitely room for improvement, but i’m pretty pleased with it for a two hour project!  i put together a little ditty below to just briefly show how i made it.  i apologize for the not-so-great photos, but you’ll get the idea.

this is the first time i’ve sewn a knit fabric using my overlock, and i really enjoyed figuring it out.  i feel like this opens up a lot of second-hand fabric options, and there may be some more clothes made from felted sweaters in the bee’s future.

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