last week i squeezed in a little project that i’ve wanted to try for a while now.  i made a stuffed toy from one of the bee’s drawings.


the page wouldn’t fit entirely on my scanner, so the hat and arm got cut off a bit, but you get the idea.  the bee is really into drawing “persons”, and they’ve been evolving in style pretty quickly.  they don’t actually look like this any longer – they’re very tall now, thinner, and for some reason they all lean over to the right.  the drawing above was done in yellow, but it was very hard to see so i changed it to red.  i carried that happy yellow color over into the person i made for her.


i love that her (it’s very important that everything is female these days) smile stretches all the way across her head.  the button is a belly button, obviously, and the fabric on her belly is her shirt – because a shirt covers your belly button.





the bee loves person!

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