DC pants

yay! i finished those pants!


i’m really pleased with how they turned out! i think they could use a few more minor tweaks, but otherwise are a totally dope pattern – that i will need to learn how to grade up if i want to use after this season!


i’m happy that they look intentionally crotch-dropped, and i like the slimness of the leg. i used a mens XL sweatshirt in mustard from a local discounty, overstock kind of store. i’m having a really hard time finding a nice quality stretchy sweatshirt fleece knit! i’ve ordered several yards of some from two different suppliers, and neither has as much stretch as a good ol’ jansport. any suggestions??? the grey rib is from joanns, as is the grey trim on the pocket. the pink is a ponte de roma from mood that i hand dyed.

side note: please forgive this t-shirt. the pants were a challenging sell (mostly because she knew how badly i wanted her to wear them ) and concessions had to be made.


i kind of really love the pockets!

10 responses to “DC pants

  1. they look great! I love the hand dyed pink pockets against the mustard- an unexpected color combination that looks very playful.

  2. these are so great! love your color choices. Sorry I don’t have any suggestions for good sweatshirt knit. I usually thrift mine and up cycle, but it would be nice to find yardage.

    • thanks lucinda! i love thrifting fabric for little clothes, but that doesn’t work as well when i need yardage to sew for myself! i’ll keep looking and definitely share any sources i find!

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