down on the farm


i finally made the sally dress you guys! it only took me forever to get around to it, and then another forever to get pictures and put them up here.


straight up sass right here.

i loved almost everything about this pattern as soon as i saw it last year. i actually bought the sew fab bundle way back when, mostly cause i wanted this, and why not pay three times the cost and get like a bazillion more patterns?!

i used some leftover shot cotton in moss (the same as my washi dress) for the bodice, and this super-fun farm fabric for the skirt that i’ve had it in my stash forever – i think i got it at purl soho, but don’t quote me on that.


i lined it with the same yellow gingham that i used for the pockets.

i had to make a few changes to the pattern though…


i added piping (in yellow gingham, obvs). i just felt like it needed a little something there.

[side note: i don’t love how you can see the seam allowance where the bodice and skirt meet through the shot cotton. it worked really well for my unlined washi, but there’s just too much bulk in the seam allowances here and it all shows. oh well.]


and i could not get down with the pointy shoulder. me no likey. so i straightened that out.


lastly… when i got the whole thing all sewn up, i could not get it over the bees shoulders! i knew it would be snug, but she was not having it – no helping, no patience, not happening. i could barely find any mention of it being that tight by any other person on the whole of the web. maybe it was just my experience, but for anyone else out there who is having the same problem – you’re not alone!

so, i cut that thing straight up the back (after it was all done – eek! talk about scary!) and added a placket with buttons. i used melly sews placket tutorial and it was perfect.



150302_FARM DRESS_blog_7


all in all, i love the style of this pattern, and it was super easy to sew up. i wish i could find adult dresses with pockets this rad!

6 responses to “down on the farm

  1. So cute! I had a problem with fit, too, the first time I made it. I sized up and it works this time. I actually love the pointy shoulders – that’s one of my favorite parts of the pattern!

    • thanks jill! the interesting thing about the fit is that it actually gapes at the neck a bit, so another size bigger might not be awesome. i kind of really love that it’s snugness forced me to learn about adding a placket. and now i feel empowered to just slash things open when they’re too tight and try it!

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