the “it wasn’t supposed to be cotton candy colored” sweatshirt


seriously. so pink. like bubble gum. i meant for it to be a very pale (much paler than this) version of the coral pocket in the DC pants. but i garment dyed the sweatshirt after constructing the entire thing, so there was no starting over once i realized the color wasn’t what i’d been hoping for. despite that, i sort of loved the process – of sewing in all white, not worrying about finding the right color fabric, and the anticipation while dyeing it.


i used an existing sweatshirt pattern in a size 3-4, which is gigantic on the bee. (though i’m happy to know it will fit next year!) i drafted a new collar, and i love how it can be floppy,




or gathered!



the back, just ’cause.

this was my first try at this pattern – no muslins or trials or anything.  i honestly just kept cutting the neckline deeper and deeper until i felt like a cowl would be floppy enough. i would love to revisit this pattern and improve a few things. i would really like it to be shorter and maybe a tad slimmer, like in my inspiration. (but maybe it will fit that way next year?) and i don’t love the sort of round pointy bit at the front there, where the collar is sewn to the body. my collar designed work well enough, but that part could surely be improved.

you know that 5% i mentioned? instead of taking the time to make a mock-up of the collar and place the buttonholes for the drawstring (or to insert grommets like i really wanted), i sewed it all together sans holes, then dyed it and cut into the collar and hand stitched around the openings. initially i tried using a mustard colored thread for a little contrast detail, but i’d cut the the holes too big and they were gaping and untidy! after walking away for a week, i thought of using a matching thread, and stitched the openings closed at the ends, and then hand stitching around them. and it looks fine. i’d show you a detail photo, but it’s truly not even worth the effort. why was i letting this get to me so much? oh right. that’s my process.

most importantly, the bee loves it! because it’s pink. (face palm.)

2 responses to “the “it wasn’t supposed to be cotton candy colored” sweatshirt

  1. Um, I’m kinda lovin’ the pink! Nice clear GIRL pink, not girly. And it’s all about the collar for me. Love it.

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